Nagoriyuki, the newcoming vampire samurai character of Guilty Gear: Strive

It’s March again! Much of the world is beginning to mark its calendars for the one-year anniversary of our new lives since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s Year One AC (After Covid)! Millions of people all across the face of the earth were instructed by health officials to remain indoors as often as possible to avoid contracting the virus and putting the health of themselves and their peers at risk. Suddenly cut off from the myriad sources of entertainment provided by the world outside one’s door, many people turned to video games as an approach to appeasing themselves…

courtesy of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

By Savion Smith

Imagine being a student who has just arrived home from school. The hours of class are finally over and you sigh with relief as your body begins to relax upon reaching home, releasing tension you had not even realized was there in the presence of the familiar space. Maybe you decide to dig into an after-school snack before beginning your homework. As you sit down to eat, you contemplate the day’s events, and the occurrences of the days that will follow. Suddenly, a loud, repeated pounding at your door shatters the calm. As you move to answer…

Photo courtesy of Rutgers Off-Campus Living

By Savion Smith

Coming across safe, affordable housing anywhere in the United States can be a Herculean task. Finding affordable housing in and around Rutgers University New Brunswick requires ample knowledge of the location, location, location. It just so happens to turn out that the best places to live around Rutgers aren’t affiliated with the State University of New Jersey at all.

According to, students at Rutgers New Brunswick pay roughly $11,400 more for room and board than the national average of $10,320. Students can expect to dish out around $7,600 for the least expensive standard double dorm room…

By Savion Smith

Union County Juvenile Detention Center in Linden, NJ closed on March 1st, 2019 due to low daily population. (Photo courtesy of Union County.)

With regard to the instance of juvenile sentencing, New Jersey’s progress seems inclined to remain at the steady pace of one step forward, two steps back.

New Jersey made state history in 2017 when legislation was passed that outlawed life-without-parole sentencing for the juvenile sentenced. Despite this landmark enactment and the decision made by former Gov. Chris Christie in January of the following year to close the New Jersey Training School juvenile detention center, the closing of this detention center was slated to be followed by the opening of three more similar facilities.

Defenders of juvenile detention…

By Savion Smith

Costly meal plans make displays like this all the more attractive to hungry university students. Image credit: Flickr user milkyfactory

The familiar joke about college students sustaining themselves on a diet of instant microwave ramen and Pop-Tarts is more entertaining before it becomes a reality.

Students at Rutgers University have tough decisions to make when it comes to deciding how they will feed themselves while receiving education. U.S. News reports that estimates of food insecurity among college students have ranged from 9 percent to over 50 percent, and researchers admit current studies have limitations that prevent conclusive data on the food insecurity rates of the college student population.. Rutgers has options for buffet-style meal plans available to…

Savion Smith

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